Enakta Leiringei

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Iron Ball Presents Enakta Leiringei
An Anil Longjam Production
A Film By Manoranjan Longjam.
Cast- Rk Kaiku, Soma Laishram, Rahul, Devita, Narmada Sougaijam, Reena Ningthoujam, Silpy Chanam, Bindiya Moirangthem

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Idiotsage’s “TELANG-GAA” to fly on ‘Festival of Cinma Manipur’

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Idiotsage’s “TELANG-GAA” to fly on ‘Festival of Cinma Manipur’

Imphal, April 13, 2016: Just like a kite rising against the wind, Idiotsage’s second official production “Telang-gaa” (Which also means ‘Kite’), has risen against all expectations and is flying across the screens of film festivals around the country.

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Henna Nungaijai

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Henna Nungaijai Premiere Show on 24th December 2015. Directed by Kepidas Cast: Nirmal, Kaiku, Bonium, Artina, Ethoi..

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Nungthilda Likla

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Nungthilda Likla Manipuri Feature Film Release on 25 December 2015. Director : Surjit Khuman Cast: Khaba, Sonia, Jasemine, Reena, Ratan, Kaboklei Inaocha, Ratan Lai, Sur, Geeta, Syam Keshore.

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Cheikhei Premier Show with Mega Fashion Parade on 13 Dec 2015 at MSFDS. Show Time: 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm Directed by Premkumar Paonam

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