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Imphal 28 June 2014: The long awaited short film by Japanese filmmaker Junichi Kijioka "Imphal 1944"  is all set to premier today at MFDC AUDITORIUM later in the evening. As expounding by the name itself, the storyline would reveal the great history of war fought between the two allied powers in the battle of 1944. The script is based on the true story of Masao Hirakabo, the patriotic Japanese soldier who fought for his country of rising sun, Japan. He was the lieutenant kernel serving at the Imperial Japanese army. Tha film will premier at 5:30 pm June 28 sharp.


The 20 min long short film is produce and directed by the well known Japanese film maker Junichi Kijioka who is based on London ,UK. He has received two award nominations in film festivals (UK and India). He then made his film debut in the 2000 Cannes Film Festival award-winning film Devils on the Doorstep, directed by Jiang Wen. He was nominated for “Best Performance” for "King of Life" at the Thurrock International Film Festival in 2012 and as “Best Actor” for "Phone Box" at the Lakecity International Film Festival in 2013. He was one of the pioneer Japanese actors who have dispel in a positive way worldwide on some of the tribute films like “47 RONIN “ & “ THE FLOWERS OF WAR “. Despite its growing up in London, he has made his reputation in every corner of Asia. Junichi was also named as weigang ( chinese ) by the chinese film industry for his satisfactory contribution towards chinese films. Religion, cast, boundary doesn’t matter for him on his career. Some of his consecrate towards films on worldwide are…

• Taking Stock as Yoichi (2014)
• 47 Ronin as Kira's guard (2013)
• The Flowers Of War as Japanese machine gun soldier (2011)
• City of Light and Life as Japanese newspaper reporter (2009)
• Devils on the doorstep as Japanese sergeant (2000

He is currently producing an Indian film "My Japanese Niece" and an American film "Barcode Man", in which he will play the leading roles. The film ‘Imphal 1944′ is all set to be premiered on June 28 at the closing ceremony of the 70th Anniversary Commemoration of the Battle of Imphal (WWII). Junichi being a Japanese origin has attracted irresistibly by the untold facts n stories of WWII who fought between land of rising Sun (Japan ) and the land where the sun never sunset (British )in matters of powers. The Japanese had sustained 53,000 casualties while the British had lost 17,000 men killed and wounded. “The disaster at Imphal was perhaps the worst of its kind yet chronicled in the annals of war.” Kase Toshikazu, Japanese Foreign Office official.

Film "IMPHAL 1944" Teaser  Theme music: "MEMORIES of IMPHAL" by Luna Luna

Masao Hirakubo, the WWII veteran who fought in the battle of Imphal @ World War II – the Burma Campaign., the uniqueness about the film is the attempt and the invitation towards the friendship between the enemies of the savagely war. Showing respect and tribute and salute to their for fathers who fought for their upcoming generations, The director and the veteran, Masao Hirakubo is looking far enough to reach out every corner of the world. As the director is stumble with a good fortune while hunting for the facts n authentic cultural and literature as the for the long & new longly taste of the fim “ My Japanese Neice “. Presently he is working with Mohen Naoreem for the film “Japanese Film “. Meanwhile, The battles of Kohima and Imphal battles, which marked the highpoint of the Japanese forces advance into India, claimed the lives of 30,000 Japanese, left 23,000 injured and 600 were captured.Among the 50,000 support troops, there were 15,000 casualties. On the other hand, the Allies suffered 17,500 casualties.quite interestingly, the film will based on unity and peace and among the allied countries. , the film carries the message of friendship between old enemies, said Kajioka. But the story line and cinematography will be soon readjust by the viewers & that would be difficult for them to judge as still the generation couldn’t wash up the great wars. On behalf of the viewers, we wishu the best.

With the increasing popularity since the advent of digital camera & peoples crazy interest on films would critiscize the popularity. In accordance with the experience u got over the pat years, there would be no lack of applause. If the film is successful, then u will creat and inspire a lot to the youngster who are inexuestibly making popularity by making friends. We are happy for your promise to show it worldwide and let them aware of manipur and worldwide.

Manipur is expecting by your inspiration & low budget film to goes worldwide and completely different from Bollywood. People are eager to experience the film since the last few daes.

If we look at the negative way, it should be scrutinise the script whether its based on Manipuri culture otherwise "life of pi" & "slumdog millionaire", hav been copyright to other countries.

Hope you more people come to visit the show and most importantly the culture that preserving & conveys since many centuries. Infact it’s first time for Manipuri fim based on such and we thanx you. Wishing you all the best and wish better step for upcoming films.






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