About Us

Kumhei a Manipuri Word compliment festival/event. , Kumhei  - providing users with valuable, convenient, reliable and enjoyable online experiences through a diversity of products and services. The main orientation of Kumhei is promoting events and information sharing.  Providing a platform for online booking, selling of event related e-tickets and advertising events, We also allow event organizers & individuals to share their event related information.

Kumhei.com officially online from March 2013 serving customers with event details including location using customize Google map.

What is kumhei.com?
Kumhei.com is a tool that allows users to locate, access information about events/kumhei happening and the upcoming events/kumhei such as Thabal, Eshei, Sumang Lila, Edu Kumhei, Lai Haraoba, Sports, Musical concert, Seminar, Public meeting, Live concert, Movies, Festivals and many Events/Kumhei around you.

In kumhei.com the word kumhei doesn't mean only the festival, celebration and Harao Kumhei. In kumhei.com this word Kumhei means "Events" which also includes Seminar, Public meeting, Edu Kumhei, Sports and many other events.

Kumhei.com is a Unit of Khudol Solution Pvt Ltd.

Team Kumhei