A Musical Nite of O.G. Finance 2nd Foundation Day

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Musical Nite of O.G. Finance 2nd Foundation Day on Sunday 15tth July 2018, LIVEon Kumhei.com
Venue: Langjing Achouba Awang Maning Leikai Community Hall
Music: Venus Sound: NG Sound Light: UK Light Stage: OG Enterprises Tent House
Singer Nupa: Sorry, Bobin, AJ Meisanam, Arbin, Raj Enlangbam.
Singer Nupi: Pusparani, Susmita, Chitra, Linda, Sangeeta, Linda, Rosy Heisnam, Jeena.

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NATHIBONG TAPTA LIVE on STAGE, YAC Ground, Imphal. The 28th December 2017, 5:00 pm

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Ningol Nachom 2017 at Hapta Kangjeibung -Reschedule on 25th Oct 2017

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YVO presents Ningol Nachom at Hapta Kangjeibung, Reschedule on 25th Oct 2017, 4:00 PM, 4:00PM MUSIC: ROOP RAAG
NINGOL NACHOM 2017 will be LIVE STREAM AT Kumhei.com

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Where Have All The Flowers Gone 4th Edition

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4th edition of "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?", a festival of Music and Arts on Environment.
5 August - 6 August 2017, Khurkhul Makha Leikai Maning Sabal Lampak Manipur.
‘Where Have All The Flowers Gone?’ (A song by Pete Seeger), a first of its kind in Manipur, is a festival of music and arts inspired by the music and environmental activism of the late American folk singer Pete Seeger who passed away in January 2014.

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Bass Foundation Roots Sound System at The Giving Tree

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Hero Foundation in association with NE Brothers presents - Bass Foundation Roots Sound System, organized by Art Heals Trust, on 14th of March, at The Giving Tree, Matai.

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