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Shumang Leela FESTIVAL DURING MANIPUR SANGAI FESTIVAL 2018 AT Iboyaima Shumang Leela Shanglen Palace COMPOUND FROM 22-29 NOVEMBER

SI NoName of GroupName of Shumang Leela

1Sanaleipak Nachom ArtistesPameldugi Ukhada

2Lamjingba Artistes AssociationNingthourel

SANGAI FESTIVAL 2018 Programmes & Events

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SANGAI FESTIVAL 2018 Programmes & Events


1.    Formal Inaugural Function begins
2.    Lighting of Inaugural Lamp with Moibung by 5 artistes
3.    Pena - Invocation
4.    Folk Bamp; Tribal Fusion by L. Bedabati &amp: Rewben Mashangva
5.    Followed by Speech by dignitaries
6.    'Eikhoi Amatani - Punna Chatminnasi Chaokhat Maikei Paangna' a choreographic presentation by Shri G. Loken Sharma. Senior Lecturer. Government Dance College followed by Cracker Blasting

1.    Formal Inaugural Function
2.    'Korouhanba Khin Garakle - A Choreographic Presentation by Shri Kh. Biswamitra Singh. Millennium Force. Manipur

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Sangai Photo Festival 2018

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Sangai Photo festival
22 - 26 November, 2018, IMPHAL
Sangai Photo Festival celebrates the medium of photography and its cultural influence with a special focus to promote photography and to inspire photographers in the North-East region of India (Rest of the world you are welcome too).

Sangai Run 2018

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Sangai Run, 2018

Wednesday 21 November 2018
Set in the surround of the iconic Loktak Lake and the wondrous floating park – Keibul Lamjao – Sangai Run will take you to the trails untrodden by many wandering feet. The trail of this most scenic running festival will take you to the serene fresh water lake, looming greens of rolling hills, inviting expanse of paddy fields, curving streams of murmuring rivulets and cultural charm of quaint settlements. So, come to this land of natural grace, and get ready to have the dream run of your life.

Sangai Festival 2018

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Manipur Sangai Festival-2018

Every year the State of Manipur celebrates the “Manipur Sangai Festival” from 21st to 30th November. The ‘Festival’ is named after the State animal, Sangai, the brow-antlered deer found only in Manipur. It started in the year 2010 and has grown over the years into a big platform for Manipur to showcase its rich tradition and culture to the world. The festival is labeled as the grandest festival of the State today and helps promote Manipur as a world class tourism destination. Every edition of the festival showcases the tourism potential of the state in the field of Arts & Culture, Handloom, Handicrafts, Indigenous Sports, Cuisine, Music and Adventure sports of the state etc.