Oh Khamnu- A fictitious film inspired by Khamba and Khamnu

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From the master mind of Hem, Eastern Digital entertainment services presents its first creation - "Oh! Khamnu". It's a fictional movie inspired by the epic of "Khamba and Khamnu".  Releasing on 27 October 2015(11th of November 2015), at BOAT. BUY TICKET

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KOTEEP FILMS Production xTREAM Media Present's "PIRANGLAKTA THOIBI" Producer: Devdas Pukhrambam, Story & Screenply: Baby Rani, Editor: Ahal Khaba & Aboi Seram, Director: Ahal Khaba.

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Thamoigee Nong

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Thamoigee Nong - Premiere at BOAT on 23 September 2015 Starring: Gokul, Bala & Bonny. Directed By: L. Prakash

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Mii Wottuna - A Manipuri digital Horror Movie

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A Manipuri digital Horror Movie "Mii Wottuna" produced by BULLION FILM PRODUCTION, which is directed by Yuvaraj, Chennai, Cinematography by B Shatish, Chennai. Released on 5 November 2015, BOAT. The film is cast by Agu, Sunny, Gyanjit, Sanathoi, Sukanya, Jimrose, Banita, Angelica, Ranmla. Music by The Wishess.

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Angaobase Epuroibani

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Manipuri Feature Film Angaobase Epuroibani Premier Show on 30 June 2015 at BOAT, Time: 6:00 pm

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