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The TANGLEI CUP 2017, Six - a side football 4th to 13th February, 2017 at Tangleibung Ground, Oinam. The tournament is a part of TANGLEI SPORTS FESTIVAL which includes Tanglei Badminton Tournameny and indigenous sports namely mukna as Muktunaba and yubi - lakpi.

Khunung Eshei Festival 2017

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Khunung Eshei Festival on 29 January 2017, 3:00 PM at Neinasang Community Hall Tera Loukrakpam Leikai organised by Progressive Voluntary Organisation.

Singju Fastival 2017

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The second edition of Singju festival will be conducted at MMRC & Unity Park, Khangabok from January 28 to February 8 on the theme “Save our culture & identity”.

Gaan-Ngai 2017

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"Zeliangrong" (Zeme, Liangmai and Rongmei) celebrate Gaan-Ngai.

The word denotes winter festival - with ‘Gaan’ meaning winter and ‘Ngai’ denoting festival. The festival is meant for paying tribute to the ancient gods as well as honoring the dead. It also serves the purpose of celebrating the New Year post harvest season. They mostly worship Tingkao Ragwang -a pagan deity.

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Emoinu Numit ki Kumhei 9 Jan 2017 Eshei Thabal

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Emoinu Numit ki Kumhei 9 Jan 2017 Eshei Thabal:

Emoinu ema eratpa Thouramga loina eshei nongmai Singjamei Yumnam Leikai Lairembi Lampak Organised by PEEL(Thoibi Moirangthem(PEEL)Member and Danial Yumnam Mangang)

emoinu numit esei charangpat mamang leikai polo ground (Da Nganba Oinam)

emoinu eshei oinam mamang leikai (Bikram Yumnam)