Tanglei Festival -OVERBOARD - Kumhei.com
Waroiching Leimaram, Sadu Chiru Waterfall Road, Imphal
Tanglei Festival -OVERBOARD
This year Yaoshang Kumhei, the festival of color, the biggest festival of Manipur is not going to be same anymore. Here is our standings for the first ever longboarding competitive event in India by Tanglei Festival. Thrill seekers, be ready to get extreme on the other side. ***REGISTRATION STARTS BY 31ST JANUARY, 2018*** *** ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD FREE FOR THE NON-LOCAL RIDERS*** Presented by #TangleiFestival Powered by Vans #OffTheWall Vim Tech. Under the Aegis of MyLife On Board (www.MyLifeOnBoard.net) Race Gear Partner by XAVIA Racing Associate with Longboard Crew India Magazine Partner by TNT-The Northeast Today & Eclectic Northeast Online Partner by Kumhei Print Partner by Lumen World Newspaper Partner by Imphal Free Press Witness Partner by Nikon Manipur Food & Beverage Partner by BBQ & Biryani Nation Restaurant Road Crew Partner by Royal Motors Manipur-RMM Transp
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