Cross Country Manipur -TANGLEI FESTIVAL -
Oinam Kangjeibung, Oinam, Oinam
Tanglei Festival
TANGLEI FESTIVAL presents Cross Country Manipur, an MTB challenge in Manipur. Online Registration for #Tanglei_Cross_Country_Manipur Link :: Offline: Forms available at [Noren Cycle, Konung Mamang], [Lumen World, Pishum], [A2Z fast food, Kwakeithel] Click here to see route map: Cross Country Manipur, the off-road MTB challenge of Tanglei Festival 2018 is now complete and ready to see the light of the day on 5th March, 2018. Get ready to scramble yourself among the dirt's and festivity color of the Great Yaoshang Kumhei during the Cross Country Manipur. With well balanced trails and fetal free track designs the race will not only test your stamina and the spirit of off-road cycling but carve the culture of extreme sports more deeper into the heart of the people of this country. Participate and walk hom
Kumhei Map