Manipur Polo International 2017 Sangai Festival -
Mapal Kangjeibung (Imphal Pologround), Imphal
Govt of Manipur, Manipur Horse Riding & Polo Assoc
11th Manipur Polo International 2017 will be held along with Sangai Tourism Festival from Nov 22-29, 2017 at Imphal Pologround, the oldest living pologround in the world. Polo Teams from have confirmed their participation in the tournamnent. India A(IPA) & India B(Manipur) will be other two teams for the International Polo Tournament. The Grand Finale of the 11th Manipur Polo International 2017: Location : Imphal Polo ground {Mapal Kangjeibung), Imphal, Manipur Date : 22nd to 29th November 2017 (1:00 pm Onwards)
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