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ive - Music and Dance Will be performing by Music- Nawa Lanzilotti is a Hawaiian/American cellist and composer based in New Delhi. Her work reflects her diverse training in Western classical and folk cello, Hindustani music, experimental composition, ethnomusicology (the academic study of musical cultures), and the Hawaiian classical performing art kahiko in her hometown of Honolulu, Hawaii. Nawa is the founder of PULSE, an international arts collective dedicated to collaborative productions and workshops uniting music and movement in multi-cultural context. In February 2016 Nawa visited Imphal for the first time on a joint tour of Northeast India between PULSE and Delhi Dance Theater - led by Leah Raphael Curtis. In April 2017 Nawa and Leah returned to Imphal to collaborate with Laihui in “Ingelehua: Two Cultures Entwined,” a performance at The Giving Tree bringing Manipuri and
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