BOAT, Imphal
Govt of Manipur
22 November 2022 (5 PM) 1. Traditional Dance By Aimol Tribe 2. Reel Of Dance Khutpak Chatkoi By Lianda Folk And Classical Academy 3. Traditional Dance By Anal Tribe 4. Thang Ta By Association For Paona Memorial Arts And Rural Development Services 5. Traditional Dance By Tangkhul Tribe 6. Pudangkhoi Sayol Sangai Chatkoi By Ima Leishem Innat Loishang 7. Dance Sponsored By Central Bureau Of Communication, Ministry Of Information And Broadcasting 8. Pung Cholom By Ibudhou Loyalakpa Manipuri Dance Group 9. Basanta Raas By Performing Artiste Centre 23 November 2022 (5 PM) 1. Traditional Dance By Chiru Tribe 2. Traditional Dance By Chothe Tribe 3. Artistes From Assam (Sponsored By North East Zone Cultural Centre) 4. Traditional Dance By Poumai Naga Tribe 5. Khunung Eshei By United Literary Educational Social And Cultural Organisation 6. Dance By Artistes From Myanmar 7. Kar
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