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Khurkhul Makha Leikai Sabal Lampak, Imphal
Where Have All The Flowers Gone
Where Have All The Flowers Gone? 27 Oct at 10:01 – 28 Oct at 20:01 Khurkhul Makha Leikai Sabal Lampak ‘Where Have All The Flowers Gone?’ - A festival of music and arts inspired by the music and environmental activism of the late American folk singer Pete Seeger EVENT LIST 27.10.2018 7:00AM BICYCLE RALLY 11:00AM CHILDREN'S PAINTING COMPETITION 11:00AM ART/PHOTOGRAPHY EXIBITION MUSICAL PERFOMANCE 1:00PM THE COJON DIARIES 1:45PM SANAHIDAK 3:15PM GODWILL MUSIC PROJECT 4:00PM EYOOM 5:00PM TAPTA EVENT LIST 28.10.2018 8:00AM TREE PLANTATION 10:00AM FLIM SCREENING MUSICAL PERFOMANCE 1:00PM SAMPAA 2:00PM CHAOBA THIYAM 2:45PM IMLIAKUM ALIER (DIMAPUR) 3:30PM JONOTHAN YHOME (KOHIMA) 4:15PM BHRIGU SAHNI (MUMBAI) 5:00PM RAHUL GUHA ROY (KOLKATA) 6:00PM THE KOI 7:00PM CLOSING CEREMONY
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