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NIT MAnipur, Langol, Imphal
NIT MAnipur, Langol
OUGRI 2018 MISS OUGRI THEME: Elegance in Virtue| 30 March 2018, NIT MAnipur, Langol. ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA & IMPORTANT DETAILS 1. The applicant should be unmarried 2. The applicant should be between 15-25 years of age. 3. The applicant should be at least 5 ft in height. 4. The applicant is required to submit the following at the time of registration and form submission: i).A copy of age proof certificate (Passport/Birth Certificate/High School Leaving Certificate/Adhaar). ii). Identity proof iii). Three photos: One close up, one full length and a normal passport size photograph. 5.The applicant's gender should be female. 6. Designer and costumes must be borne by the contestant. 7. The hiring of make-up for individual contestants is NOT allowed. The organizers will provide the said facility. 8. The selected contestants will put through grooming and etiquette classes for 3 da
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