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NIT Manipur, Langol, Imphal
OUGRI 2018 FUTSAL NIT Manipur, Langol, 30 March to 1 April 2018 RULES AND REGULATION • All teams must take the field with five players and three substitute players must be there. • Kick offs will be taken from half way. • Dimensions of the goal will be 3m x 2m. • No offsides. • No throw ins. • Goalkeepers can pass the bailout with their feet or throw it out with their hands. • Goalkeepers cannot come outside of their goal circle at anytime. • Goalkeepers may not pick the ball up if it has been passed to them from a team- mate. • Goalkeepers cannot kick the ball out of their hands. • Goalkeepers must release the ball within 6 seconds. • Serious foul play will be punishable by yellow and red cards. • In the event of a penalty being awarded all penalty takers can only take one step before striking the ball. • All players are allowed to enter the penalty area. • Football si
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