OUGRI 2018 LAN GAMING - Kumhei.com
NIT MANIPUR, Langol, Imphal
OUGRI 2018 LAN GAMING March 29 - April 1 2018, NIT MANIPUR, Langol RULES AND REGULATION 1. Decision made by the organizers will be final. 2. No one except the organizers and volunteer are allowed to enter the gaming booth. 3. Peripherals such as mouse and headphones will not be provided by the organizers. Players can bring their own keyboard, mouse and head- phones. 4. Any Offensive words or bad words are strictly prohibited while playing. 5. For mobile gaming, players should bring their own mobile phones. 6. For Dota 2, players will be played in private lobby in captain mode. 7. CS-GO will be played in competitive mode on maps decided by the organizers. 8. FIFA 18 and TEKKEN 7 will be played only in PS4 machines. 9. MOBILE LEGEND will be played in custom game in 5 vs 5 draft pick game. 10.Your timely arrival is appreciated by the organizers. 11.Every event will start from
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