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NIT Manipur, Langol, Imphal
NIT Manipur, Langol
OUGRI 2018 - Escape into the Horizon 29 March 2018 at 9:00 to 1 April 2018 at 19:00 NIT Manipur, Langol. Everyday we are busy in our own sophisticated pattern and everyone is trapped in the silicon cage. Some hold pens, some hold wheels and there is no lack of reasons for each one of us to feel heavy. In OUGRI 2018, the doorway to a new horizon opens. A horizon with the clouds of unclaimed spirits and lights. Come see the land of culture and be joyful soldiers embraced by the winds of change. Come feel the light and let positivity beam out of you. Come let us cruise down the open road into a new lane, get out of the cube and let us "Escape into the Horizon" List of competitive events for Ougri 2018: 1. Ougri Futsal 2. Dance Competition 3. Voice of Ougri 4. LAN Gaming- (a) Dota 2 (b) CS Go (c) FIFA 18 (d)Tekken 7 (e)Mobile Legend 5. Educational Events- (a)Debate Competiti
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